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10 March
It’s your paycheck, not the IRS’ – How to: Tax-Efficient Strategies 


March 10th - It’s your paycheck, not the IRS’ – How to: Tax-Efficient Strategies

You are invited to register and join Malone Financial Services’ Webinar:
‘It’s your paycheck, not the IRS’ – How to use Tax-Efficient Strategies ‘
March 10th at 6:00pm EST.

 The Malone Financial Services Team will cover topics related to Tax-Efficient Strategies including answers to common questions such as

  *   Can I earn income today but pay income taxes 20 years from now?
  *   What does it me tax deferred account?
  *   How can I invest my money and not pay capital gains?
  *   Best tax efficient strategies.
  *   Simple steps to save for retirement.
  *   How is life insurance tax-beneficial?
  *   Do beneficiaries have to pay taxes on their inheritance?

After the webinar, you can schedule a 1-on-1 meeting with the Malone Financial Services team to review your cash flow, establish financial benchmarks, and recommend which tax-efficient strategies best suit your financial goals. Please contact Matthew Castaneda at


Date and Time

Thu, Mar 10, 2022

6:00p - 7:00p EST




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